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Solving Complex Business Problems

Our professional consultants are ready to help solve your problem. One we've seen repeatedly and solved with a system solution is project management. Our Project Manager system bridges the gap between corporate accounting systems and managing contract performance, and eliminates the need for managing by spreadsheets.

Professional Technical Services

The SundRy Business division provides technical services to solve customer problems and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. Our expertise ranges from project management to accounting and system engineering to system implementqation. The services we have provided to our clients include the design, specification and implementation of enterprise-wide applications; process modeling, product development, system implementation and integration, business process re-engineering, information system design, strategic planning, program management and acquisition management. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Project Manager System

SundRy's Project Manager Version 1.1 is a breakthrough software application delivering the real capability you need to manage your business projects and invoice your customers. Project Manager bridges the performance gap left by accounting and scheduling applications and gives you the information you need to manage projects. Project Manager is a Windows based multi-user application that's quick to install, easy to use, and available for one low price with no subscription fees.

Start using Project Manager today as your primary tool and take control of your projects and contracts. Project Manager has the power to run your entire company. Use it for your contract projects as well as your company's internal projects. With Project Manager's built in timekeeping, incurred cost tracking, budgeting and invoice building capabilities, you can track all your costs, enable your team to share financial data in real-time, prepare budgets, perform financial analysis, review unbilled costs and build invoices in moments. Contact us to discuss your needs.