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Easily develop budget changes using the copy function. Make it effective by setting it active.

Project Manager Cost & Budgeting

Budgeting in Project manager is comprehensive, yet simple and uniquely resolves budgets to the day. This feature allows comparison of budget versus actual costs for any date range. Click on the images below for enlarged versions.

Job Budgets

Set up any number of budgets for a job. Project Manager allows you to establish new budgets, save previous versions, stage upcoming versions and select any version as the "current" budget for performance analysis. Work on budget revisions, then turn them on when you want with a click. You never need to worry about someone doing a project analysis against an incomplete budget. To make you life easy, Project Manager can copy a budget to create a baseline for a revision. The current budget stays in place until the revision is ready and remains available after the revision is activated for reference or reversion.

Job Budget Details

Build budgets of any complexity with Project Manager's power tools. From lump sum budgets to detailed budgets with time phasing and staff assignments. Project Manager makes it easy. You can start simple, then roll out the details as your project progresses. When you're done setting it up, Project Manager renders the budget into daily increments allowing you to precisely compare budgeted costs to actual costs for any period.