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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Project Manager?

It's a breakthrough management tool for organizations performing services and delivery order contracts in size from 1 to 1,000 people. It can be used to manage an entire business including all contract projects and internal projects, or to manage all the projects for a department or a program office. Project Manager is a tool that fills the gap between accounting applications and scheduling programs. It was built to replace the spreadsheets that are normally used by people attempting to fill the gap. It tracks labor and expense items and generates invoices in a way that's consistent with contract performance management. It's a tool that will pay for itself in time saved and the elimination of missed billing hours and expenses.   [back to top]

What will Project Manager do for me?

For a Small Business: If you've discovered that off-the-shelf business accounting systems and scheduling programs don't allow you to get a handle on your contract performance, Project Manager fills the gap. It will streamline financial management of contracts and all your internal projects too, and get you back to working on the projects instead of the books.

For the Program Management Office: If you're tired of "driving the bus" with no visibility, Project Manager enables you to look down the road for a problem-free "drive" and gives you the ability to look back to see exactly where you have been (and how you got there). Project Manager can also tell you how much "fuel" you're burning and where everyone is charging their time.

For Program Control Staff: This is the piece that's missing between accounting applications and scheduling programs (it's what you use all those spreadsheets for). This program will provide you with the answers you need when the inevitable request for management data sliced in yet another time-space dimension foreign to your linked spreadsheets is received.   [back to top]

How do I install Project Manager?

Installation of Project Manager is quick and easy! You receive a self-extracting installation file by downloading or on CD if you purchased the hard copy version. Our installation wizard "walks" you through the installation process which takes only minutes. There is a separate network installer program that comes with Project Manager that allows each additional person using Project Manager to separately install the necessary components on their desktop.   [back to top]

How much time does it take to get Project Manager up and running?

The installation of Project Manager application can be done in a matter of minutes. Time to load your company specific data and contracts and work breakdown structure can vary depending on the volume. Contract data can be loaded in full, or by balance forwards if your contract is already underway.   [back to top]