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Project Manager Performance Management

Project Manager has extensive functions to simplify project analysis and ensure high performance. The functions support all contract types including time & materials and fixed price deliverables. Click on the images below for enlarged versions.

Job Analysis

Get the big picture with Project Manager. See the financial status of all your jobs together, then drill down to see the details of any job. This is where the real power of Project Manager becomes clear. Your data is ready for analysis the moment you enter timesheets and expense reports. Project Manager presents the details correlated for analysis. Apply a date range and get the exact costs versus budget for any interval with granularity available to the day. You'll always know your project's status and can take action before problems get out of hand. The screen below is for direct/contract jobs. A similar screen displays all your indirect/internal jobs.

Job Analysis Details

Use the power of Project Manager to examine your jobs from every conceivable angle. Set filters using date range, work packages and persons in any combination. Then see the detailed breakdown by work package or person. It's everything you need to understand the the who, what, when, and how much of charging and compare it to the budget. It's information that will empower you to take control of your projects.

Job Efficiency

Project Manager tracks operational efficiency of your jobs by comparing the labor and expenses you put into a job compared to the costs you can bill. Use it to identify jobs that are low efficiency and take action to make improvements. Let Project Manager help you minimize the un-billable costs that erode your bottom line. Project Manager uniquely allows tracking of all labor and expenses expended versus what you can bill. This gives visibility to the problem of unallowable costs and let's you take action.

Timesheet and Expense Import

Use Project Manager's templates for timesheets and expense reports to quickly import all your labor and expense charges. Or, enter them manually using the add/edit screens. The screen below is for importing timesheets. A separate confirmation screen allows you to view any errors and make changes before committing the information to the database. Corrections are easy too. You can either re-import the timesheet or expense report, or you can edit the screen directly.

Timesheet Add/Update

Display any timesheet for review or editing. Easily make your selection from a list of all available timesheets using filters for staff and dates. Or, create a new timesheet for manual data entry. Project Manager makes it simple by giving you drop down lists for allowable values and automatic rate lookup.

Expense Add/Update

Display any expense report for review or editing. Like timesheets, make your selection from a list of all available expense reports using filters for staff and dates. Or, create a new expense report for manual data entry. Special to expense reports are allocation amounts and markup. Allocation amounts allow you to record actual expenses while billing different amounts as is frequently required when per diems or ceiling amounts apply. If applicable, markups are defined under each job and are automatically calculated by Project Manager.