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Use the included Acme consulting model to plan your set up.









Project Manager Set Up

Use the user friendly screens illustrated below to quickly set up Project Manager. Click on the images below for enlarged versions.

Business Unit Details

Project Manager makes it easy to set up your company's information. Enter billing information like your company name, EIN number and billing point of contact. Enter information for staff who will be posting time and expense items plus contact information for any others you wish to include. Complete the contract data set by entering you customer and subcontractor information on similar screens.

Job Operations

Jobs are the fundamental unit of control in Project Manager. Jobs can be any type of work - external billable or contracted work, or internal work. All jobs have associated work packages (charge numbers) and all jobs costs are linked to work packages. Your costs are always easy to sort, filter, analyze and bill. Optionally, set up budgets at any level for greater control. On the screen below, Project Manager lists all your jobs for easy review and selection. From here, you can add or edit job details, print reports, define budgets or copy a job as a template for another similar job.

Job Details

Define any job with Project Manager's comprehensive yet straightforward set of factors. All types of external billable and internal projects can be represented. From simple jobs with on work package (charge number) to massive jobs with hundreds of work packages, deliverables and resources - Project Manager makes it easy. For repetitive jobs, the Copy Wizard makes it a snap to set up new jobs.