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About SundRy Public Safety

SundRy Public Safety is a subsidiary of its parent company, SundRy, Incorporated. We are an industry leading provider of information technology products and services. Since our founding in 1989, we have focused on combining leading-edge technologies and comprehensive support services into applications and solutions that meet our customer's needs. During this time, we have demonstrated our unique ability to thoroughly understand our customer's needs and deliver high-performance, cost-effective solutions that enable them to accomplish their business objectives.

With experience across the entire Justice & Public Safety domain, we are uniquely experienced in Correctional Systems an have in-depth knowledge of the associated information and security electronics. We can help you achieve success!

Products & Services

We provide security systems, information management systems, and management products and services. Our products include PRESTO® Security Control System, and systems for Inmate Management, Sentence & Good Time Calculation, Restitution, and Housing & Classification. Consulting services include general consulting, needs analysis, system audits, requirements analysis, process reengineering, specification development, procurement support and owner’s representative. Customization services include adaptations of existing applications, system interface design and implementation, and ground-up system development.

Our Commitment

SundRy Public Safety is committed to providing practical solutions with long-term functionality to meet the specific needs of our clients. We combine proven technologies and comprehensive support services into applications and solutions and we deliver high-performance cost-effective applications and solutions that improve the availability of information, improve levels of service and improve results. We are particularly experienced working in environments where cost and schedule must be balanced with safety and security, and understand the need for implementing systems with high reliability, availability and maintainability.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to apply our depth of knowledge to each situation and provide the best possible public safety solutions and engineering products to our clients.

Our Team

Our staff is comprised of senior level engineering and professional employees with experience in Information Systems Design and Development, Project Lifecycle Program Management, Operations & Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Proposal and Procurement Activities. The SundRy team members are domain experts in security systems assessment, specification, design, acquisition support, construction and installation and have in-depth experience in all phases of security systems development. All of our staff members’ careers have included significant time working in the defense industry where top level clearances are required and character and integrity is paramount. These character traits are fundamental to who we are.

Our Experience

Our proven track record of successful projects includes jail and prison full scale system design and delivery, security systems installations and renovations, system definition and specifications, and RFP support. Our primary business focus is Public Safety security electronics consulting and system integration. Our PRESTO® Security Control System, a fully integrated security electronics control system that is a modular TCP/IP network based design with digital video, is installed in several facilities in the United States. We have developed and hold the rights to a fully configurable sentence calculation application that can easily integrate with existing jail management systems. Consulting services we have provided include security control systems, Mobile Data Communications and Jail Management Systems design and installation.