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Make your counts reliable and fast with automated record keeping.


Automated Inmate Count System

Rapidly collect, validate and document counts to improve security and overall operations efficiency. Use as a standalone system or with your PRESTO security control consoles. Initiate, input, manage, report and archive counts with a complete, secured audit trail of all inputs with officer IDs and time stamps.

Easy Setup

You have complete control to configure specific consoles and authorize console operators for the process. You can predefine unique counts that include only those areas that are occupied at the time of the count. For example, the midnight shift count would probably exclude all the program spaces. Then, to initiate that count, simply select the “midnight” version and the system automatically knows exactly which stations need to report.

Reliable Operation

Counts are managed at your designated count control station where count inputs are displayed on a real-time tally display. Using your facility day count and out counts, validation is immediate and precise. Reports can be printed and signed and normal facility operation resumed with confidence that the count was properly performed.

If the counts don’t match, a recount is easily initiated with the original results saved. The new count can be compared to the invalid count to reconcile where the count was incorrect. Recounts can be performed any number of times with all counts being saved as an audit trail of the process.

Easily Adaptable to Your Facility, Operations & Technology

The system can easily be configured to match your facility physical and operational patterns. Biometrics can also be used for conducting a count with identity certainty. Any input device that can connect to the facility network with a secure connection can be used to manage and input counts including, regular PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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