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High security with high efficiency in a system you can maintain. 


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PRESTO Security Control System

SundRy Public Safety brings Command & Control Technology to Corrections. Our PRESTO Security Control System enables facilities to securely operate at lower costs, improve system maintainability, easily install future updates and be supported by in-house personnel.

By combining the advanced Command & Control features of the PRESTO Security Control System with the Modular Security Electronics Architecture, your facility can have the most advanced security system available today!

   . . . Take control of your security system with your own in-house staff!

Command & Control Software

  • Proven, high performance, real-time security control system for Prisons and Jails
  • Integrated digital IP Video, Intercom and Paging
  • Highly user configurable and user maintainable
  • Easy to use with minimal training required for operation and maintenance

Mission Support Design

  • Can be installed in new or existing facilities
  • Database Centric - Can interface with Inmate and Court Systems
  • Supports remote monitoring & Central Control backup operations natively
  • Unlimited Central and remote consoles

User Maintainable Open Architecture

  • Open system design allows your staff to maintain and update
  • Table driven configuration
  • No PLCs to program!

Built With Standards Based Tools

  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • .NET Architecture

Secure and Efficient Operation

  • Queuing in priority and time order for rapid staff response
  • Safely open and secure 20 doors per minute per operator
  • Optimize staffing with modes to transfer control areas to selected consoles

Low Risk Operation

  • Intuitive interface
  • Auto selected video and intercom encourages 100% identity verification