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Professional Services for Corrections

We offer true engineering technical services to support all corrections operations from jails to prisons and from physical security to information systems. We understand the importance of cohesively integrating people and technology to carry out correction's missions including free world reentry.

Consulting Services

We provide Security Electronics and Information System design and consulting services to Justice & Public Safety agencies. We are a system engineering company that can provide individualized consulting services including the design, specification and implementation of enterprise-wide applications. Our company is committed to providing practical solutions with long-term functionality to meet the specific needs of our clients. We specialize in problem solving and are a solution driven company, not a product driven company. Our solutions make maximum use of standards-based, off-the-shelf components. With experience across the entire Justice & Public Safety domain, we are uniquely experienced in Correctional Systems and have an in-depth knowledge of the associated information and security electronics. We understand the challenges facing agencies today with growing procedural complexity, the need for continually improving efficiency, increased accountability and a higher demand for services. We can help you meet those challenges.

Correctional Security Services

We provide high-level security consulting services for agencies that need to supplement in-house resources with independent engineering support. Our staff consists of experienced individuals with proven track records of effectively specifying and managing the acquisition, design, and installation of complex security electronics and information systems. SundRy works with architects, owners, and operators to develop an overall system approach to a correctional facility in environments where cost and schedule must be balanced with safety and security, and understand the need for implementing systems with high reliability, availability, and maintainability. We are available to support the total acquisition process or any project phase including:

Information Systems Services

Our services meet the needs of Justice & Public Safety agencies by improving the ability and use of information in the criminal justice systems today. SundRy Public Safety promotes the vision of an integrated Justice Information System (iJIS). The vision is based on a single system view of the entire criminal justice system to increase productivity, improve information access, increase public safety, and enhance decision making. We are unique in our experience and ability to deliver information technology services to the justice community. Our staff has developed systems for courts, corrections, emergency dispatching, records, criminal history, message switching and fingerprint identification systems. Our approach to development is to ensure that each will be able to integrate with other systems of its kind and with legacy systems that surround the interface with these solutions. We have unique insight into the challenges of integrating all of these diverse systems in the Justice environment using state of the art technologies.

Physical Security Services

We provide physical security consulting services for agencies that need to supplement in-house resources with independent engineering support. We understand the conflicting requirements of openness versus security. We understand the need for protecting the public and private assets while not unduly constraining public access and the issues of liability and due diligence. We understand the principals of command & control and dispatch systems and can design systems with integrated electronics and information systems to meet your needs. We have the latest knowledge of the technologies used in security sensors and manufacturer's product lines to quickly specify practical solutions. In addition, we offer a full range of physical security services to include: